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Why should I get a professional headshots?

Headshots are a form of business marketing. If you are applying for a job, you are selling yourself. It can be invaluable to have a Linkedin profile with a professional headshot to put a face to your name.

If you own or run a business, people are likely click on your “About” page when they visit your website. Customers will want to see who is behind the business name. Having a photo on your website will also give it a personal touch.

Why can’t I just use an old photo? 

It’s important to get an update professional headshot with depicts how you look right now. This avoids confusion with your Customers (or your future Employer).

Even if you hate photos, remember that your photo is a way to sell yourself. It’s always best to be honest and realistic! People will eventually see your face in person, so having a photo from 5-10 years ago (where you look completely different), is misleading.

How often should I update my headshots? 

As a general rule, people should get an update headshot every 2-3 years or if your appearance has changed dramatically (eg. if you’ve had major dental work, changed your hair length/colour or if you’ve lost weight).

Why should I choose you to take my headshots?

Christine Jade Photography specialises in taking portraits. Getting your photo with us is a painless and simple process. You will be guided into different positions which make you look most flattering on camera. The photos you receive will be high quality! You will receive a variety of edited headshots within 2 business days (via drop box).

I have a pimple / cold sore / scar!

We are able to edit anything that you don’t want to appear in the photo eg pimples or cold sores. If you have a scar, we can take the photograph to conceal this or remove later in editing. If it is a very large or prominent scar, we can smooth it down to make it less visible but we’d prefer to not completely remove it as it’s part of who you are. Happy to smooth/lighten any deep wrinkles you may feel self-conscious about, however, we like to keep you looking as natural as possible. We will not heavily edit to the point you look unrecognisable or unrealistic.


Headshots can be taken at the location of your choosing (indoors or outside). As long as the lighting is good and there is a simple background available. Happy to share some location ideas if you aren’t sure.


Up to 30 minutes is allocated for individual professional headshots, but it usually takes less time than that.


From $85 per person for individual sessions.

If your company wants headshots taken of all its staff members, contact us for a customised quote specifying your needs.


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